Equine healing is much the same as healing for other animals except that I have to be more on my toes to avoid mine being stood upon!

Horses have the same emotional stresses, fears and insecurity issues as all of us. Sometimes what may seem like bad behaviour can be caused by pain, insecurity or the anticipation of something nasty happening; as with most animals they have long memories!

Just an honest chat to a horse through healing can put their mind at rest. There could be issues with their tack, another horse, their feed or they may just need a physical problem resolved.

Finding the cause of a horses’ trouble and giving them the acknowledgement of it can be half of the battle.

Healing is for all physical and emotional problems from ‘head shy’ to Cancers.

Local visits from £35.00 Contact Helen for details.

For an amazing horse and rider experience to bond with your horse and ride as one; I highly recommend

Horse Magique.

Equine Healing & communication

From Ponies to Thoroughbreds. Behavioural or physical


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