Dear Helen

Today has been a very special day. Polly is now out in the big wide world! She is walking beautifully, no sign of a limp at all.
I followed your advice and let her out for short periods from the cage, still indoors, from last Monday.
The last couple of days she has had periods of rushing about the flat, and it seemed a signal that she was gathering strength and ready to go out.

So, this morning we did it! and she has come back in as well, I'm glad to say. In fact at this moment she is sleeping on the bed, no doubt a little overwhelmed by all the new outdoor information to process after 9 weeks inside.

Thank you so very much Helen, for your wonderful help, healing and support.

You have been so important to us, bringing Polly through 2 major health problems. That first time, last summer, when she had the blocked anal gland and she was literally wasting away, she owes her life to you.
She is such a very happy full-of-life cat now. Thank you Helen!          Karen