Tuning a musical instrument

I am a hypersensitive artist who had been finding the emotional strains of modern life too much to cope with as I was taking in, along with the positive ones, all the negative energies around me like a sponge. It was like a feeling of not having a skin over my body; I felt very vulnerable, frightened, isolated, cold and alone. Although I knew I was fortunate to have such an aesthetic temperament which fed my creative output with the melancholy I was experiencing, turning pain into beauty, recent losses in my immediate family with whom I had defined my entire life brought for me an unbearable void and an inescapable depression.

At that point came Helen. Although I had never been to a healer before in my life and as I had always refused any drug therapy outright, a good friend's fortuitous suggestion convinced me that I had to see her. So I went along, like her motto reads thinking “belief is not a requirement, an open mind is helpful”. She greeted me with a hand clasp that my late and beloved father always used to do and from that moment, I knew I was into a new territory and a new life.

Following the very first session with Helen, I immediately felt an inexplicable blissful energy stirring inside me which began to replace the coldness and fear with warmth and trust. It was like receiving a protective layer against all the negativities around me; I felt relaxed and confident. I now see that none of  my circumstances actually changed, but the way I look at them is significantly different than before.

I can only describe that through her healing Helen has re-adjusted my emotional balance, without affecting my sensitivity, just like one gently and meticulously tunes a musical instrument. I recommend her unreservedly to anyone with similar needs. - Imre