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Healing for Peoplecomplementary therapy for people

Is a completely non-invasive therapy involving the gentle touch of hands on your shoulders and down your spine whilst you relax, seated and fully clothed on a chair.

The healing session lasts up to half an hour.

You may feel heat, cold or energy. Afterwards you will be relaxed or even energised, depending on your needs.

Healing for PetsTherapy for Hettie dog

Pets are treated in much the same way as people though they often prefer the floor to a chair!

Along with the physical side of healing, stresses or miss-understandings can be corrected through communication, thus easing their minds and changing their behaviour.

For a rescue pet, the promise of safety and a permanent home maybe all they need to stop them worrying about being moved on.

Complementary healing for catsHealing is simply the laying on of the healers' hands allowing positive energies to flow through them. Belief is not a requirement, an open mind is helpful.

It can help with many problems both physical and emotional, including panic attacks, stress, broken bones, sciatica, headaches, depression, cancers, lameness, kidney failure, skin disorders and much more.

The effects can be felt instantly or within a couple of days.

Healing for ferrettsGenerally three sessions, each no more than two weeks apart, will be sufficient.

If you have an on-going ailment that needs constant care; once a month should work well.

You do not have to be ill to have healing, for many people it is a helping hand through life.

Try one session and be amazed!


Natural, complimentary healing therapy for people & animals, a holistic approach since 2001.  In Hertfordshire and Lincolnshire  

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