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Healing of Lady dogCharles Siddle was a neighbour of mine, and it was not long before I found out that he was a healer, mainly of animals. From then on we became involved in each others worlds and helped each other out.

Natural, complimentary healing therapy for people & animals, a holistic approach since 2001.  In Hertfordshire and Lincolnshire

e mail: helenhilliard1@gmail.com

Mail: helenhilliard1@gmail.com Natural Healer

During the next few years Charles' work as a healer became very hectic, I offered to handle the business side of things for him.

Involving myself with Charles' clients bothKittern rescue over the phone and by accompanying Charles on visits. I found myself being drawn into healing.

On many occasion Charles would say to me "You could do this you know." My reply was always that I would stick with the Medium side of things.

Sadly, Charles passed away suddenly on 26th December 2000 at the age of 76.

As Charles promised many times when he was on this plane, "I'll come back and haunt you when I'm gone" and he certainly has.

I have been thrust into the world of healing in a big way and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Helen Hilliard on national TVThough it took a little persuasion to get me started I could never be without healing now. Each day that I heal I am pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Some of the experiences have amazed me as well as the recipients.