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e mail: helen@helenthehealer.co.uk

Mail: helen@helenthehealer.co.uk 01438 222 992 Meditation

No strange chants or humms, no laying on the floor, no discussing your feelings or juggling crystal balls;

 just sit in a comfortable chair and listen to Helen talk you into relaxation and meditation. At the end of the session you will be mentally and physically chilled, taking this home with you to enjoy a good nights sleep and a more positive attitude to life.

Meditation is essentially ‘time for yourself’. Simply sitting in a bath with no interruptions can be meditative. It is that rare opportunity we have these days to be alone and mindful of yourself rather than thinking of everyone else in your life.

As this chance is difficult to come by in our everyday lives, setting aside an hour once a week to join a small group of people in meditation is your time.

Meditation is held at The Hetford Road Community Centre, Stevenage every other Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:00

£5.00 a session

Contact Helen

one week before to check availability.

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