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I would like to share the story of what happened to my little dog with you:

His name is Sol; a 9-year-old Chit Tzu. Suddenly he started having back problems.

First he lost the joy of life that he used to share with us, within a couple of weeks he started crying in pain ..

Soll Sciatica

I am a hypersensitive artist who had been finding the emotional strains of modern life too much to cope with as I was taking in, along with the positive ones, all the negative energies around me like a sponge. It was like a feeling of not having a skin over my body; I felt very vulnerable, frightened, isolated, cold and alone. ……


Dear Helen
Today has been a very special day. Polly is now out in the big wide world! She is walking beautifully, no sign of a limp at all.
I followed your advice and let her out for short periods from the cage, still indoors….……