I would like to share the story of what happened to my little dog with you:

His name is Sol; a 9-year-old Chit Tzu. Suddenly he started having back problems.First he lost the joy of life that he used to share with us, within a couple of weeks he started crying in pain and he could not move.

Our Vet tried many different treatments but nothing helped. Sol was worse every day and I was distraught seeing him suffering. Finally our Vet suggested that Sol should have a back operation and he refereed him to a consultant. I was extremely worried about the procedure but we could see no other option.     

A friend suggested I take him to see Helen The Healer in Potters Bar. I did not have much hope that anybody could do anything at this stage but I was desperate and gave Helen a call. Within one hour of the call I was carrying Sol into Helen's consulting room. Helen sat on the floor next to Sol and placed her hands along Sol's back, he did not move. After half an hour Helen said that Sol was well now and to give her a call again if I felt Sol needed any more healing.

To my surprise Sol got up, shook himself and walked normally.

Sol's miraculous recovery was so difficult to believe we decided to take him to the consultant to have his back checked. The consultant checked Sol in every possible way, made Sol run, jump, twist and many more things, he showed no sign of any back problems!.

I now take Sol to see Helen every few weeks because he is so happy when he sees her, which makes me happy.

Our Vet was very surprised at Sol's recovery and I must confess that I never shared my secret with him.      

Samya Durruty-Koll

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